Sri Krishnan Temple

By | February 19, 2016

Dedicated to Lord Krishna, Sri Krishnan Temple, Singapore is one of the most famous Hindu temples in the city. Adjacent to the Kuan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple, Singapore, Sri Krishnan Temple is located on Waterloo Street.

Incepted in 1870, the Sri Krishnan Temple of Singapore has a long history to its credit. In the middle 19th century, many workers from the Hindu community in Singapore used to gather under a huge banyan tree, which served as a congregation point.

Hanuman Beem Singh, a wealthy merchant of that period, felt the need for having a place of worship, and thus got two deities built on the base of the tree. After a few years, a large platform was constructed to accommodate a deity of Lord Krishna.

Since then, the Sri Krishnan Temple in Singapore has witnessed numerous changes in its architecture and design. Tile roof and concrete walls, resembling Chinese structures were used for this temple as well.

In 2002, the National Heritage Board of Singapore gazetted the Sri Krishnan Temple as a historic site. During this time, a community center was also added to the temple complex.

The images in Sri Krishnan Temple, Singapore are handled with great care and refurbishments take place on a recurrent basis.

The Sri Krishnan Temple of Singapore has grown into a major site for Singapore pilgrimage tours. It has been accredited with embracement of different religions, reiterating the basic culture of Singapore.

A number of religious events, social gatherings and festivals of Singapore are celebrated at Sri Krishnan Temple of Singapore with profound devotion by various ethnic communities.

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