Jedkod-Pongkonsao Wildlife Sanctuary

By | May 6, 2017

Jedkod-Pongkonsao Wildlife Sanctuary (130 km from bangkok) is a small wildlife reservation area, located at Mu 5, Tambon Tha-ma-prang, Gang Koy District, Saraburi Province- west-end of Kaoyai National Park, occupying 13,750 Rais (approx. 23 Sq. Km.).


Initiated by former Minister of Agriculture Ministry, Mr. Pongpol Adireksarn, in 1997 aiming to keep natural resources environmental, researching, and serve as Ecotourism in Saraburi provincial area.


Waterfalls : There are more than 11 waterfalls such as Hin dad, Khao Kab, Grok E-dok, Grok Pha-panang, Jed Kod, Jed Kod Nua, Jed Kod Klang, Jed Kod Tai, Khab-pa-wan Waterfalls, etc. Every waterfalls in the Park located in the natural environment, good for resting under cool wind. The Khab-pa-wan waterfalls height 11 levels water flow from the lakes in the Park itself.

Lakes : 2 big lakes in the Park for feeding wild animals live in the area. A lot of water-birds. The lakes in a cool climate and natural environment are good for resting not only for animals but for visitors as well.

Elephant Camp (Pang Chang) : An area for about 20 elephants living with training area of 1,100 sq.metres, elephant trainers’ houses and other facilities for keeping elephants in the natural environment. The visitors can observe how the elephants live in their wild life.

Forest Trails : There are 6 trails routes (see the map) to choose. Each route offers knowledge of natural plant type, wild animals in the real wild forest.

Animals Observation : Since the project belongs to the National Park Department and close to Khao Yao National Park, various type of wild animals can live in here with peace. Animals observation is therefore most attractive for the visitors. Deer, wild pig, rabbit and all kinds of bird are easily found in the Park.

View Point : The most beautiful view point is located here in this Park. You will see Saraburi town from the West side of view point, it is very attractive at night time with a bright of million stars in the sky. Don’t forget your headphones (หูฟัง bluetooth) and dream yourself away with some tunes.

Attractions outside the Park by walking distance

Buyaikoa : A lot of wild animals live in the area.

Giant Jackfruit Tree : The wild giant Jackfruit tree located in the area near Buyaikoa.

Facilities in the Park :

Adireksarn Tourists Center Office located in the Park to facilitate in offering information, coordination in the Park with 24 hours service.

Accommodation : There are country-style cottages and camp ground with convenience facilities, toilets, activity area provided.