Fountain of Wealth

By | August 20, 2016

The largest fountain in the world, Fountain of Wealth, Singapore is one of the most popular Singapore attractions. Housed in the commercial complex of Suntec City the Fountain of Wealth is a true exhibit of architectural excellence.

Made of bronze and weighing 85 tonnes, the Fountain of Wealth in Singapore comprises a circular ring that is supported by four huge slanted columns. The ring has a circumference of 66 meters and the base area of the fountain is 1,683 square meters.

The Suntec City Mall, Singapore has five tower blocks representing the five fingers of a hand. The Fountain of Wealth, built in the center of the mall, represents the palm of the hand.

Fountain of Wealth has its base under the ground, and on this base rest many popular underground restaurants of Singapore. On ground level, you can see the circular ring of the fountain spilling water into a reservoir at the base. Meanwhile, in the middle of the fountain, water shoots up to 30 meters.

The Fountain of Wealth is turned off for certain periods in the day, to enable visitors to take a walk around the mini fountain in the center. According to Feng Shui, the water flowing inwards brings in riches, and hence people touch the water for good luck.

In the evenings, the Fountain of Wealth, Singapore looks absolutely spectacular, and becomes the setting for a small laser show. Do not miss admiring the beauty and touching the waters of Fountain of Wealth when you travel to Singapore.

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