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Barbados Island Guide

Barbados is a popular coral island located in the Caribbean Sea. There are many arguments regarding the origin of the name Barbados. Different people have different opinion regarding this. No concrete proof is there for anything yet. Barbados is always a great place to visit.

However it is always better to plan your trip with your agent much before going there. If you do not make a proper plan then there is a possibility that you miss some of the nice places to visit there. You can opt for helicopter ride there; you will get to see the bird’s eye view of whole Barbados then. It will surely be a great experience for you to see the whole island from the helicopter. This is one of the exciting things the tourists do.The sea shores are beautiful in Barbados. You can also visit the beautiful and serene countryside.

There are many places to visit in Barbados. The beaches are exotic and stunning. You won’t get tired even after sitting there for long. There are cruise trips that you can opt for. This is a great option where you can enjoy with others. It is always great to enjoy your holidays. In the cruise trip you will enjoy with others while eating, drinking and dancing. The people of Barbados are full on fun and that is why you won’t really get bored at all. Scuba diving is another attraction of Barbados. You must take part in this sport. There are tropical creatures under the sea and you will get a chance to explore that world. You need not worry as there will be experts to guide you. They will be with you so that you do not face any trouble. Overall Barbados trip will surely be a great trip for you. thinking of travelling to Barbados, Don’t forget to look for cheap travel insurance as accidents may occur at any time.…

Jedkod-Pongkonsao Wildlife Sanctuary

Jedkod-Pongkonsao Wildlife Sanctuary (130 km from bangkok) is a small wildlife reservation area, located at Mu 5, Tambon Tha-ma-prang, Gang Koy District, Saraburi Province- west-end of Kaoyai National Park, occupying 13,750 Rais (approx. 23 Sq. Km.).


Initiated by former Minister of Agriculture Ministry, Mr. Pongpol Adireksarn, in 1997 aiming to keep natural resources environmental, researching, and serve as Ecotourism in Saraburi provincial area.


Waterfalls : There are more than 11 waterfalls such as Hin dad, Khao Kab, Grok E-dok, Grok Pha-panang, Jed Kod, Jed Kod Nua, Jed Kod Klang, Jed Kod Tai, Khab-pa-wan Waterfalls, etc. Every waterfalls in the Park located in the natural environment, good for resting under cool wind. The Khab-pa-wan waterfalls height 11 levels water flow from the lakes in the Park itself.

Lakes : 2 big lakes in the Park for feeding wild animals live in the area. A lot of water-birds. The lakes in a cool climate and natural environment are good for resting not only for animals but for visitors as well.

Elephant Camp (Pang Chang) : An area for about 20 elephants living with training area of 1,100 sq.metres, elephant trainers’ houses and other facilities for keeping elephants in the natural environment. The visitors can observe how the elephants live in their wild life.

Forest Trails : There are 6 trails routes (see the map) to choose. Each route offers knowledge of natural plant type, wild animals in the real wild forest.

Animals Observation : Since the project belongs to the National Park Department and close to Khao Yao National Park, various type of wild animals can live in here with peace. Animals observation is therefore most attractive for the visitors. Deer, wild pig, rabbit and all kinds of bird are easily found in the Park.

View Point : The most beautiful view point is located here in this Park. You will see Saraburi town from the West side of view point, it is very attractive at night time with a bright of million stars in the sky. Don’t forget your headphones (หูฟัง bluetooth) and dream yourself away with some tunes.

Attractions outside the Park by walking distance

Buyaikoa : A lot of wild animals live in the area.

Giant Jackfruit Tree : The wild giant Jackfruit tree located in the area near Buyaikoa.

Facilities in the Park :

Adireksarn Tourists Center Office located in the Park to facilitate in offering information, coordination in the Park with 24 hours service.

Accommodation : There are country-style cottages and camp ground with convenience facilities, toilets, activity area provided.…

Thailand Vacations Preparation Tips

Planning a vacation in Thailand is pretty basic. After all, the country is geared towards tourism. You can expect to have your needs addressed beforehand without so much preparations. However, making the most of Thailand’s cultures, history, attractions, sceneries and whatnot may still require you to fix your schedule so you won’t miss out on the most important things on your first visit.

Decide before you book your flights and hotels.
Thailand’s culture and landscape offer a variety of attractions that is fit for all types of traveler – from backpacking adventurists to package holiday for groups or families and to the most experience of travelers among us. But all that could be spoiled if you would book your flight and hotel before choosing the places you would like to go to. That just takes away a lot of fun.

Instead, decide first which places you would like to visit and how long you will stay in each area. Only after then should you book your flights and decide on where you are staying. This guarantees that you will have a good time. We recommend BangkokAttractions “Top 10 Things To Do In Bangkok“.

Don’t stick with what the travel agencies tell you.
As with traveling in other countries, it is always best to allow the adventurer inside you to dictate the phase and the places you’ll visit. Sure, you might be familiar with Chang Mai, Phuket, and Bangkok but real Thailand experience happens in the smallest of village, and even in the remotest of islands. You would be surprised at the selection of places – excellent places – in the small villages of North Thailand. There are superb 5-star resorts and hotels in some of the forested mountains as well as hotels in hill tribe villages. If you are after the culture of Thailand, spending a night or two in the hill tribe villages could be a good decision.

Expect to have less decent accommodations, though. Unlike the hotels in the cities, accommodations in the outskirts of Thailand are more or less ethnic. You may have to share the shower and toilet with the locals. Of course, there are always those beautiful mountain resorts with first-class hotel accommodations.

Also, try visiting places where the tourist crowd doesn’t normally go. But try not to miss out on tourist spots because most of them are truly eye pleasers.

Don’t pass up on a guide.
Though this may cost you some, it is important that you get yourself a guide. For one, you may find it difficult conversing with the locals. Although English is spoken in Thailand’s modern cities, the countryside is still on its way to learning the language. You will need someone who can talk with the locals for you and to arrange your accommodations, your schedule and other things in between that can enhance your travel experience.

Research on the sights you want to see.
Thailand showcases plenty of glorious beaches and islands, modern cities and ancient temples. But what most tourist love with Thailand are the beautiful ancient cities that define the country as a kingdom.…

Kaoyai National Park

Kaoyai National Park , southeast of Saraburi and 200 km northeast of Bangkok, is a world of rich and diverse flora from evergreen and rainforest to rolling hills of tropical grasslands. The park has been established in 1962 as the first national park in Thailand. Its area of 2,172 square kilometers spreads across 4 provinces (Saraburi, Nakorn Rachasima, Nakornnayok, and Prachinburi) and a variety of ecological zones including marshlands, tropical forests, and the sandstone mountains that form the Dongrak Range. Kaoyai is regarded as one of the world’s leading parks and has been nominated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. It is also a gigantic natural reservoir that produce fresh water resources to the downhill inhabitants. It is the origin of regional major rivers and creeks(Huay) such as Huay Lamtakong, Huay Lampraploeng, Huay Lamprayatharn or Huay Yang, Hanuman River, Sai Yai River, Prachatakham River and Nakornnayok River.


The park is situated near the most westerly part of the Dongrak Mountain Range, with its highest peak, Kao Rom, rising to 1,351 meters. The highest region is located in the north and west of the park, but much of Kaoyai is sandstone plateau with elevations between 600 and 1,000 meters. The plateau slopes gently towards the south and east. By far the largest percentage of the park, from its foothills to altitudes of 1,000 meters, is covered by tropical broadleaved evergreen forest, much of it dense and interspersed with deciduous species. Between 1,000 and 1,500 meters is found submontane broadleaved evergreen. There are also small areas of lowland and submontane scrub.


One of Kaoyai’s great assets is cool, fresh air. Average temperatures range from 28’C in the hottest months of April and May, when daily temperatures may often rise to the mid-30’s. In the coolest months of December and January average temperatures are as low as 17’C but frequently drop much lower. Rainfall is heaviest between May and October during the southwest monsoon. The driest months are December and January, with rain averaging no more than 15 milimeters per month. At park headquarters, the annual rainfall has been measured at 2,270 milimeters, more than 84 percent of which falls during the monsoon, But rain in other areas of the park may average around 3,000 milimeters a year.…

Adventure Tours

Malaysia is a land of diversities, both cultural and natural. Adventure tours to Malaysia will help you discover and explore the natural abundance and zealousness associated with this nation.

When tourists undertake tours to Malaysia, they look forward to bustling cities, shopping malls, unblemished beaches, uninhabited islands, scenic coral reefs, age old rainforests and lot more.

A Malaysia adventure tour gives you the opportunity to add that thrill factor to your vacation. Have unlimited fun as you try your hand at all kinds of crazy adventures. Malaysia and its people will help you make the most of it.

There are so many options available to you on adventure tours to Malaysia that you will be confused about what to do and what to leave out.

Golf is one of the greatest passions of people of Malaysia. There are numerous local and international golf courses present in the country. Once here, tourists just cannot stay away from indulging in golfing in Malaysia.

Water sports lovers will have the time of their lives in Malaysia, the country with countless beaches and isles. Scuba diving, snorkeling, whitewater rafting, surfing, swimming, fishing, sailing, canoeing, yachting, the list is quite long.

Adventure tours of Malaysia will be incomplete without trekking on the mountainous ranges in the country. Enjoy the excitement of hiking and camping in the dense forests here.

Most hotels of Malaysia provide the necessary equipment to their guests. It can be procured from private retailers in the cities.

Motor sports are another popular adventure sport for tourists here. Biking and motor racing are followed and played on an international level in Malaysia.

Adventure tours to Malaysia will entail unforgettable memories that point out to unrestrained amusement and adventure.

Singapore Thailand Malaysia offers online booking for Adventure Tours to Malaysia. To book a tour or for further queries, fill up the following form.…

Sri Krishnan Temple

Dedicated to Lord Krishna, Sri Krishnan Temple, Singapore is one of the most famous Hindu temples in the city. Adjacent to the Kuan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple, Singapore, Sri Krishnan Temple is located on Waterloo Street.

Incepted in 1870, the Sri Krishnan Temple of Singapore has a long history to its credit. In the middle 19th century, many workers from the Hindu community in Singapore used to gather under a huge banyan tree, which served as a congregation point.

Hanuman Beem Singh, a wealthy merchant of that period, felt the need for having a place of worship, and thus got two deities built on the base of the tree. After a few years, a large platform was constructed to accommodate a deity of Lord Krishna.

Since then, the Sri Krishnan Temple in Singapore has witnessed numerous changes in its architecture and design. Tile roof and concrete walls, resembling Chinese structures were used for this temple as well.

In 2002, the National Heritage Board of Singapore gazetted the Sri Krishnan Temple as a historic site. During this time, a community center was also added to the temple complex.

The images in Sri Krishnan Temple, Singapore are handled with great care and refurbishments take place on a recurrent basis.

The Sri Krishnan Temple of Singapore has grown into a major site for Singapore pilgrimage tours. It has been accredited with embracement of different religions, reiterating the basic culture of Singapore.

A number of religious events, social gatherings and festivals of Singapore are celebrated at Sri Krishnan Temple of Singapore with profound devotion by various ethnic communities.

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