Jedkod-Pongkonsao Wildlife Sanctuary

Jedkod-Pongkonsao Wildlife Sanctuary (130 km from bangkok) is a small wildlife reservation area, located at Mu 5, Tambon Tha-ma-prang, Gang Koy District, Saraburi Province- west-end of Kaoyai National Park, occupying 13,750 Rais (approx. 23 Sq. Km.).


Initiated by former Minister of Agriculture Ministry, Mr. Pongpol Adireksarn, in 1997 aiming to keep natural resources environmental, researching, and serve as Ecotourism in Saraburi provincial area.


Waterfalls : There are more than 11 waterfalls such as Hin dad, Khao Kab, Grok E-dok, Grok Pha-panang, Jed Kod, Jed Kod Nua, Jed Kod Klang, Jed Kod Tai, Khab-pa-wan Waterfalls, etc. Every waterfalls in the Park located in the natural environment, good for resting under cool wind. The Khab-pa-wan waterfalls height 11 levels water flow from the lakes in the Park itself.

Lakes : 2 big lakes in the Park for feeding wild animals live in the area. A lot of water-birds. The lakes in a cool climate and natural environment are good for resting not only for animals but for visitors as well.

Elephant Camp (Pang Chang) : An area for about 20 elephants living with training area of 1,100 sq.metres, elephant trainers’ houses and other facilities for keeping elephants in the natural environment. The visitors can observe how the elephants live in their wild life.

Forest Trails : There are 6 trails routes (see the map) to choose. Each route offers knowledge of natural plant type, wild animals in the real wild forest.

Animals Observation : Since the project belongs to the National Park Department and close to Khao Yao National Park, various type of wild animals can live in here with peace. Animals observation is therefore most attractive for the visitors. Deer, wild pig, rabbit and all kinds of bird are easily found in the Park.

View Point : The most beautiful view point is located here in this Park. You will see Saraburi town from the West side of view point, it is very attractive at night time with a bright of million stars in the sky.

Attractions outside the Park by walking distance

Buyaikoa : A lot of wild animals live in the area.

Giant Jackfruit Tree : The wild giant Jackfruit tree located in the area near Buyaikoa.

Facilities in the Park :

Adireksarn Tourists Center Office located in the Park to facilitate in offering information, coordination in the Park with 24 hours service.

Accommodation : There are country-style cottages and camp ground with convenience facilities, toilets, activity area provided.…

Kaoyai National Park Travel

The city of Kuala Lumpur has emerged as a major tourist attraction in South East Asia. Most tourists coming to Singapore and other major cultural hubs of the region make sure that they also visit the city of Kuala Lumpur that is known all around the world for its tourist attractions. Travelers seeking diversified culture and tourism of all forms come to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

The travelers coming with an urge to see the most beautiful temples that are the personification of the secular spirit of Kuala Lumpur must visit Thean Hou Buddhist Temple in Kuala Lumpur. You would be amazed to see the sanctity and the religious fervor of the devotees here. Other major religious places that are counted among various attractions in Kuala Lumpur are Sri Mahamariaman Temple and Police Sikh temple.

Tourists coming to Kuala Lumpur to see various theme parks and natural habitats must visit places like Sunway Lagoon Park, Taman Tasik Titiwangsa and National Zoo among other attractions in Kuala Lumpur. Those wanting to get a glimpse of the architectural marvels of the city can just look around and would be delighted to see that the city that is known for its tourist attractions. The tourists who seek pleasure in watching the technological advancements of a place would definitely marvel at Petronas twin towers and Kuala Lumpur Towers.

The tourists arriving in the city do not need to depend on tourist guides completely as the city brings an amazingly well maintained tourism center that offers all information that a foreign tourist may need while being at Kuala Lumpur.

The city of Kuala Lumpur that is known for its tourist attractions is a place that offers complete recoil to a weary traveler and brings an opportunity for the tourists to unwind their minds and bodies with various therapies that the entire region prides itself upon.

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Kusu Island

Kusu Island of Singapore is one of the most serene and riveting islands in Southeast Asia. It was here that a giant sea turtle saved the lives of two shipwrecked sailors – one Malay and the other Chinese.

Kusu Island, Singapore is the place where these sailors built three structures as an act of gratitude. A Chinese temple, a Malay shrine and the sculpture of a giant turtle are main attractions of Kusu Island, Singapore.

Earlier known as Pulau Tembakul, Kusu Island in Singapore was a burial site of immigrants who died in quarantine on St. John’s Island, Singapore. It is also said that before its reclamation, Kusu Island looked like a turtle.

Kusu Island, Singapore also houses a Tortoise Sanctuary where you’ll get to see hundreds of tortoises from a number of species. It is a fascinating sight for wildlife lovers, and a must-see on Singapore wildlife tours.

Kusu Island, Singapore has been transformed into an opulent holiday resort, replete with beaches, swimming lagoons and some popular restaurants of Singapore. It is a great place to savor the mouthwatering seafood available in this city.

You can also enjoy all sorts of water sports on Kusu Island in Singapore. The pleasure of water skiing, swimming, canoeing and sailing in Singapore is the maximum on this beautiful island.

You also have the option of lazing or sunbathing on the sandy beaches of Kusu Island, a hugely popular Singapore attraction. Azure waters of these unblemished beaches have enticed tourists from all over the world.

Daily ferry service from Sentosa Ferry Terminal is the best way to reach Kusu Island, Singapore. Ferry tickets are priced at SGD 9 per adult and SGD 6 per kid.

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Stranded no more

All but one of the pod of false killer whales that beached on a Phuket islet have successfully been assisted back to sea.

It’s believed to be the first mass beaching of whales in Thailand.

Rescue workers have been trying to get the mammals back to open waters since Thursday. They say none of them now appears to be returning to the shallows.

Locals on Racha Yai reported the unprecedented 30 beached whales on the west of the islet on Thursday evening.

Weighing at least 300 kilograms each, they were unable to refloat themselves.

Phuket Marine Biological Centre staff went to the whales’ aid.

“Such a mass stranding has never happened in Thailand before,” Kanjana Adulyanu-kosol, head of the centre’s Rare Marine Animal unit, says.

Helped by staff of a nearby resort, the centre managed to get 20 whales back to sea almost immediately.

Brought back to health

However, 10 were considered too weak to swim in the rough seas off the exposed and rocky coast.

Cranes and lorries were used to transport the whales to the sheltered eastern side of the island.

Veterinarian Sonthaya Manawattana administered sedatives and nutrition. Nine recovered.

“Their breathing was normal, and they no longer showed signs of stress,” Kanjana says. “We were able to get these whales back to sea by midnight”.

One whale died. The centre will conduct a post mortem to discover the cause of death, although Sonthaya says shock is the likely cause.

Kanjana says the whales may have been forced ashore by the heavy seas or they may have become disoriented. Other causes for the beaching are viruses or marine survey signals.

“But the most likely scenario is that the pod leader misled them into shallow waters. With strong winds and their enormous weight, it was impossible for them to retreat,” Kanjana explains.

Nature needs help

A local marine conservationist says false killer whales’ natural habitat is waters at least 80 metres deep.

“A large pod of these whales has been near the islet since January,” resident Sutha Prateep na Thalang says.

As many as eight whales are known to have beached in Thailand. One was found to have swallowed two kilograms of plastic and refuse.…


Theaters on the Bay, Singapore is located along the waterfront of Marina Bay. Spread across six hectares of land, the Esplanade – Theaters on the Bay is near the mouth of Singapore River, one of the main Singapore attractions.

The biggest arts center of Singapore, Esplanade – Theaters on the Bay was opened in October 2002. The cost of construction amounted to SGD 1 billion.

Esplanade – Theaters on the Bay, Singapore is an excellent work of architecture. There are unadorned glass cases shaded by a cladding of aluminum over the theaters. This design resembles a tropical fruit called Durian. Hence, the Esplanade – Theaters on the Bay is colloquially referred to as ‘the Durian’.

The Esplanade is a center of performing arts that provides world-class facilities for various art-related shows. The place houses a 1,600-seater concert hall and a theater capable of seating 2,000 people.

The Concert Hall of Esplanade – Theaters on the Bay, Singapore has witnessed shows by many celebrated artistes of the world. Elegantly designed and stupendously decorated, it features world-class acoustics, making it a hot favorite for concerts and recitals.

The main theater of Esplanade – Theaters on the Bay, Singapore resembles a traditional opera house of Europe. It also houses Singapore’s largest performing stage and a 30-meter high fly tower.

The library of The Esplanade is Singapore’s first public library meant for art lovers. It is located on the third floor of the building.

The Esplanade also has various meeting venues, outdoor performing centers, retail outlets and eateries. Many popular hotels of Singapore are located in the vicinity.

You cannot afford to miss out on catching a movie, concert or play at the Esplanade – Theaters on the Bay during your Singapore tour.

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The Rainmakers

Royal Thai Air Force jets have been called in an attempt to beat the heat and provide water for people and plants alike in the dry Northeast.

RTAF chief Air Chief Marshal Chalit Pukbhasuk presided at a ceremony Friday assigning aircraft to be used in the artificial rainmaking operation to counter Thailand’s seasonal drought on Friday.

Drought in Thailand’s northeastern region is likely to become worse before it gets better when the annual rains arrive to help the Korat Plateau, Thailand’s largest and poorest region.

ACM Chalit said 15 aircraft and 400 personnel from RTAF wings at three airbases have been dispatched to join cloud-seeding operations in areas assigned by the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives.

The air force didn’t set a timeframe for the mission as it depends on the situation on the ground, and in the air, as the needs change from area to area.

RTAF is using its Alpha jet aircraft in its artificial rainmaking operations. Its tail section has ample room to accommodate sizable chemical loads sufficient for the cloud-seeding operations.

Water has been distributed to some drought-affected areas to solve the problem on a temporary basis.

Local authorities in Yasothon have distributed drinking water to thirsty villagers. It is estimated that the number of afflicted local residents has now surpassed 14,000 people.

In Khu Muang district, eucalyptus growers can sell fewer eucalyptus sprouts as farmers face an expanding drought and dare not to grow eucalyptus trees. The quick-growing cash-crop species is favoured for commercial forestry, but the trees ‘drink up’ large volumes of water that would otherwise be available for vegetable and fruit gardens, small-scale paddy irrigation, and household use.

In Kalasin, villagers living outside the specially-served royal irrigation system areas have also been affected by the drought, despite their proximity to adequately-served royal projects. Over 80,000 paddy fields, as well as cassava and sugar cane plantation are affected by the continuing water shortage .

Local authoriities are dispatching survey teams to assess damage that can be alleviated by urgent assistance. …

Clarke Quay

Get set for the most mesmerizing sojourn during your Singapore tour. Clarke Quay, Singapore is the place where you can indulge in endless shopping or eating as you get engulfed in the splendor of the beautiful Singapore River.

Named after Sir Andrew Clarke, Singapore’s second Governor, Clarke Quay was initially a chain of shophouses of the 19th century. But now, it has more than 50 shops that form five blocks of restored warehouses. Shops here are well known for their second-hand items and antiques that encompass everything from batik prints and home furnishings to silk and fabrics.

Clarke Quay is a quieter and inconspicuous place when compared to some of the more popular Singapore attractions. However, it is a great place to be in the evenings, when dance clubs and pubs come alive with the sound of music filling the air.

Many popular restaurants of Singapore are lined up along Clarke Quay. With endless dining options at your disposal, you’ll just not be able to satiate your heart. Try out all sorts of international cuisines at the F&B outlets of hotels in Singapore located here, or the local food of Singapore at small time eateries and coffee shops.

Not just shopping or eating, Clarke Quay, Singapore also offers you numerous options for fun and thrill. The G-Max Reverse Bungy, Singapore is one of the highlights of adventures at Clarke Quay. A high adrenaline experience, this extreme ride is only for the audacious and strong hearted. An open-air capsule capable of seating three people is catapulted up to 60 meters in the air for about five minutes. This electrifying experience at Clarke Quay, Singapore can be enjoyed on the payment of SGD 30 per person.

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